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Personal workshop - back to being

I invite you on a transformative journey of self-discovery through personalized sessions incorporating guided meditation, breathwork, and immersive sound experiences.


The inspiration for these sessions arose from my desire to offer the greatest gift: the ability to embody and connect with qualities and values that bring profound meaning.


From facilitating numerous gong bath sessions and my personal experiences, the insight is clear: to transform our beliefs, we must first shift our energetic state.


During each session:

- We'll explore thoughts and emotions that hinder or propel us forward.

- Understand how our minds shape reality and leverage it for positive change.

- Transition from a state of scattered problem-solving thoughts, fatigue, and a need for control to a relaxed consciousness, free from heavy emotions and troubling memories.

- Connect to higher energies, breaking cycles of negativity.

- Shift focus from short-term vision to lasting prosperity, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.


Taking charge of our emotions and understanding our habits allows us to embrace the unknown and welcome new possibilities fueled by this changed energy.


I invite you to let go and embrace the present—back to being.


These one-on-one sessions occur at my home studio in Hod Hasharon, lasting 2.5-3 hours each, priced at 550 NIS. They are suitable for individuals aged 22 and above, excluding pregnant women or individuals with a pacemaker.

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