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dive deeper into being

A gong bath, also called a sound bath, is a session where we immerse ourselves in various sounds, disconnecting from the outside world to enter a deep meditative state.


This allows us to transcend our physical boundaries and the constraints of time.

During a gong bath, we transition from conscious awareness to the expansive realm of the unconscious mind.


In this state, we effortlessly let go of inner discord, shifting from a mindset focused on survival and problem-solving to one centered on inner healing and personal development.

begin your weekend right

You are invited to an intimate open session with up to 5 participants in hammocks.

The sessions are held on the weekend, at my home studio in Hod Hasharon for 180 NIS per participant.

the number of places is limited. Buying a ticket for the session guarantees your spot.

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Private gong bath
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gong bath gift card

Sounds possess a language rich in color and movement, enveloping us with sensitivity and delicacy. This language, transcending words, is potent and precious, leaving us with an open-hearted embrace of life.

If you hold affection for individuals who have profoundly impacted your life simply by being themselves, I encourage you to bestow upon them this gift.

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return to being workshop

The "Return to Being" workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the thought patterns and emotions that either hold us back or propel us forward.

This workshop consists of four weekly sessions designed with a clear objective:

to equip participants with the tools necessary to effect substantial and enduring changes in their internal programming. This empowers individuals to fully embrace the present moment and reconnect with their core qualities and values.

It promises a liberating and mind-expanding journey.

Under Snir's unwavering guidance, participants will unearth their inherent potential and set out on a new trajectory in life.

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The gong bath experience is indescribable—it leads you to uncharted realms within yourself and unveils new insights into reality. Attending three sessions, I left each time feeling more fulfilled and peaceful. Snir's expert guidance ensures a personalized experience for everyone. Looking forward to the next one.


For me, a gong bath is a chance to release and let go completely. It's a state where I shed the stresses and inhibitions of daily life. Each session leads me into a deep meditation, leaving me feeling cleansed, liberated, and more connected to myself and the world around me.


My body experienced a powerful and calming transformation, with sensations ranging from warmth to cold, and from stillness to movement.

I encountered wondrous vibrations, faced the fear of death, and ultimately found relief.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Snir tunes into frequencies of gentleness, presence, and love.

about me

I'm Snir Haim, 38 years old from Hod Hasharon.

For the past decade, I've been exploring the profound benefits of sound and its positive effects on the mind-body connection.

My journey into sound therapy began in Italy, where I worked alongside the talented artist Roberta Bottari for six years. I participated in hundreds of gong bath sessions, experiencing the magic firsthand and learning about the incredible world of gongs.

Equipped with both practical experience and a professional certificate in sound therapy, I returned to Israel in March 2020 and established Gong Bath. Since then, I've conducted mANY sessions with individuals, couples, families, and groups, pouring my love into each one.

I invite you to join me in an experience beyond words, where the power of sound, vibrations, and frequencies leads to profound mental and physical healing, bringing you closer to your inner truth.

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