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what is a gong bath

A gong bath is a journey through various sounds and is a way for us to disconnect from the outside world and let our minds dive deep into meditation. It takes us beyond the confines of our physical body, environment, and even our perception of time.


Imagine reclining in a hammock, shutting your eyes, and feeling the world around you gradually disappear. As the gongs' sounds, vibrations, and energy envelop you, your analytical thoughts start to unwind. This shift gradually slows down your brainwaves from their active beta state to alpha waves, then to the serene theta waves. In this theta state, your brain becomes more organized and coherent. Your body relaxes while your mind stays awake—

it's a truly magical experience, reminiscent of the carefree wonder we often feel as children.


We often function in beta brainwaves, divided into low, medium, and high levels, reflecting various mental states—from calm focus to heightened stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, many of us tend to dwell in high beta waves too frequently, leading to issues like insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression.


Living in this high beta state strains our systems, causing our brains to emit chaotic signals, disrupting our internal balance, and potentially paving the way for health problems. It also limits our inner exploration in favor of external chaos, making us feel like the outer world is the only reality.


In a gong bath, we transcend conscious awareness, moving into the boundless realm of the unconscious. We shift from self-centeredness to selflessness, from individual identity to a liberating sense of anonymity. It's a departure from materialism and a specific sense of place to a feeling of being everywhere and nowhere. We move from the confines of time to embracing the present moment fully. This transition leads us from isolation to a profound connection.


In this state, we effortlessly rediscover our inner harmony. We transition from a survival mode of problem-solving to a healing and growth-oriented state.

It's about losing yourself in the experience, discovering the inherent potential within, and letting your body undergo a profound renewal.

*The session is suitable for all ages and does not involve physical activity.

*The session is not suitable for pregnant women or individuals with a pacemaker.

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