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private sessions

A gong bath offers a shared experience that will be a lasting topic of conversation, especially suitable for couples, family members, and close friends. It creates bridges to the personal inner worlds of each participant, enhancing and deepening connections. This unique encounter leaves you with a profound desire to embrace and cherish the person you share it with.

Ideal for marking wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other significant events, a gong bath provides a special and intimate way to celebrate with loved ones.

I invite you to surrender to the enchanting sounds of the gong with me.

Additional Details
- Location: Home studio in Hod Hasharon (18A Shai Agnon Street)
- Duration: Approximately an hour and a half
- Up to 5 participants can be accommodated in special hammocks.
- The session involves no physical activity and is suitable for all ages.


Please note
a gong bath is Not suitable for pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers.


Individual Gong Bath: 400 nis
Gong Bath for two: 600 nis
Gong Bath for 3 participants: 800 nis
Gong Bath for 4 participants: 1000 nis
Gong Bath for 5 participants: 1250 nis

Gong Bath for 6 participants: 1500 nis

Family Gong Bath session (Parents and children up to age 21, up to 5 participants): 750 NIS

Cancellation Policy
- Full refund available for cancellations or date changes made up to 72 hours before the scheduled meeting. No refunds will be given after these 72 hours.

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